10 Weird Movies on Netflix to Distract You from Finals

Countless movies and shows loom in the black hole called Netflix. Venture into that abyss. Take a break from studying for finals and prepare yourself for weird, gory and disturbing movies at your fingertips. Stumped on which weird movies on Netflix to watch to get those goosebumps crawling? Don’t be afraid to get your freak on during your Netflix procrastination binge.

Look no further than to these 10 weird movies on Netflix weirder than your average biology final.

1. Teeth

Meet Dawn, the small town Christian teen who runs an abstinence group. Things take a turn for the men in her life after each tries to make a move on her. Danger, or Dawn, starts to follow them at every turn, all because they were a little too thirsty. “This movie is one I always watch with my roommate, and we always cheer Dawn on waiting for her to do something outrageous,” said Florida State University freshman Sydney Glazer. Get ready for a psychological thriller where neither hands nor words do the fighting. Beware of munching on popcorn during this movie for fear of throwing it at the screen at any point.

2. The Babadook

Weird, dark and creepy definitely describe this twisted thriller. After little Samuel reads a children’s book, strange things begin happening in his home…what gets unleashed will scare even the least faint-hearted. You’ll check your dorm closet every night before you go to bed just to make sure you’re alone. “After I watched this movie, I decided I’d never read a children’s book alone again,” said Penn State freshman Rebecca Poarch. This movie serves as one of Netflix’s weirdest because it makes you fearful of simple children’s stories.

3. The Double

Prepare for an eerie film of extensive psychological proportions with The Double. Based on the book by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Double takes viewers into a world of mystery as Jesse Eisenberg, known as Simon, meets his “double” at work. Slowly, his “double” starts taking over his life and stealing his dream girl. Sounds freaky, right? Imagine if your co-worker started cozying up to your lifestyle and turned out to be more like you than you thought.

4. Sharknado

Prepare for a freakish storm that unleashes deadly sharks, flooding the streets of Los Angeles in this comedy-thriller that touches on your greatest fears. At each turn the sharks take in downtown L.A., you will not only laugh out loud, but grab the nearest bowl of popcorn. “I’m a marine biology major, and after watching this movie, I know for sure I’ll never go shark diving-even though I’ve studied intensely about sharks,” said Farmingdale State College senior Erik Ryan.

5. The Human Centipede

I bet you’re wondering why Netflix even broadcasts this weird one. When two girls’ car suddenly breaks down in a violent storm, they’re left abroad in Germany with nothing but runny mascara. Watch as they make a decision that will change the outcome of their lives as well as their bodies. A crazy doctor wants to make everyone look like a centipede— hence the name The Human Centipede. “A doctor wants to do a disgusting procedure on women-which is just totally unethical-which makes the movie so so weird,” said St. John’s senior Stephanie Alfano. You’ll always make sure you have spare tires in your trunk after this. Oh, and there’s more than one, so check out the other two in the freaky trilogy.

6. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet star in this puzzling yet gratifying film. In a rocky relationship-turned extremely sour, Winslet and Carrey decide to undergo a complete psychiatric procedure to erase their memories of each other…ouch. But, when the process starts, Carrey realizes he wants to keep those memories alive. “This psychological thriller is definitely one for the books. Netflix scored with this weird movie for it somehow allows me to ponder if I would ever want to completely forget the memory of my ex-boyfriend or remember all the memories, good and bad,” said Regents University freshman Carol Cahill.

7. The Guest

Imagine someone claimed they knew your sibling and asked to stay at your dorm for a few days? Sounds a little weird, right? In The Guest, a stranger named David sort of does the same when he shows up to the Peterson’s house and says he was once good friends with their son who died during the Afghanistan War. However, David is not really who he claims to be in this thriller. Moral of the story: Use your skills from that computer science class you took and do a Facebook, Twitter and Insta check before letting a stranger in your home.

8. Enter the Void

Hidden in the dusty and far walls of Netflix lies a disturbing and even philosophical movie. Enter the Void deals with “psychedelic cinema” which allows viewers into a certain perspective never seen before. The gist of the movie deals with a drug-dealer named Oscar killed by his best friend. However, although Oscar died, viewers watch his life after death in bright and psychedelic colors. “A puzzling movie perfect to try to grasp the idea of an afterlife-if there is one,” said University of South Carolina junior Kerin Cahill.

9. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Twilight enthusiasts will enjoy this black and white gory film. Set in the fictional town of Bad City, Iran, a female vampire stalks the lonely and depressed townspeople. Moralistic and even feministic, the female vampire in the movie preys on men and threatens them to respect women—or else. “Although the film was gory-yes tons of blood- it was just plain weird because it deals with our innermost desires with a fictional vampire,” said University of California-Santa Barbara freshman Hilary Nuggen.

10. Mr. Nobody

Ever think about choosing a different path in life? Jared Leto deals with choosing alternate paths, like those, in this puzzling sci-fi movie. Set in 2092, viewers become enthralled with pure strangeness as three times in the movie, Leto explains the alternate paths he took regarding his romantic interests in life. One path has him married to a woman who’s in love with someone else, while another path takes him to a romance with his step-sister. The weirdness continues as his alternate paths intersect with the women interwoven-somehow-in his life, gripping viewers into a frustrating and puzzling tale about choice.

You’ll need a blanket to hide under to survive weird movies on Netflix.

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