10 Things Syracuse University Students are Thankful for on Thanksgiving

New year, same story. You’re just about ready to dig into that delicious looking turkey calling your name, but right before you can start to fill your plate, Grandma asks everyone what they feel thankful for. But how do you answer? At Syracuse, students don’t know where to stop.

Find out the 10 things Syracuse University students are thankful for this holiday season.

1. Escaping the mumps— literally

Thought the mumps didn’t exist anymore? Think again. The awful disease took Syracuse University by storm and has become the most popular conversation topic on campus this year. If you catch a break from hearing the people at the table next to you talking about how many cases there are now, don’t consider yourself lucky— you probably have another email waiting, warning you not to kiss other students. There is simply no escaping it while you’re still on campus. Be thankful you will go home to your family and (hopefully) not have to hear the word “mumps” for a few days and hook up with whoever you want without fear of catching it.

2. Saying goodbye to the weather for now

Getting away from campus means getting away from the weather (unless you live around here). If nothing else, be glad you won’t be stuck in the large snowstorm The Weather Channel predicts will hit campus over break. “I’m also ready to go back to the warmer weather! I’m excited because it’s at least like 30 degrees warmer in Dallas right now,” said sophomore Shannon Ferguson.  Syracuse should look like a winter wonderland upon your return, so make sure to remember your parka— and be grateful that you’ve got a built in opportunity to bring back the rest of your winter wardrobe.

3. Getting some catch-up time

Break? More like catch up time to dig yourself out of the massive piles of schoolwork you have. On the bright side, students can be thankful to not be assigned any more while they are home. Most importantly, they’ll get to catch up on sleep. “I’m thankful to get away from campus because I need a break from my work,” said senior Haile Rice. “Spending time with my family and having that time to de-stress will allow me to finish this semester strong.”

4. Basketball season

Few things excite Syracuse students more than basketball. Along with the snow, the full force of basketball season will grace our presence upon our arrival back on campus. Thousands of screaming fans, Otto in full swing and Dome nachos are waiting for you. While it may be sad to not see Coach Boeheim for a whole week, the pick-up of the season will definitely make the break worth it. Take this week to perfect your game day attire and get ready to fill the dome upon your return. Maybe this year will be the year for another Final Four run!

5. Taking a break from being drunk

You’ve probably been out the last five nights, if not more, and honestly, at this point, you feel like you just can’t recover. It can feel like you exist in this constant hangover that never goes away. Known for being a party school, Syracuse seems synonymous with getting drunk for juniors and seniors alike. This holiday season, be thankful you have some time to let your body recover during the break. It needs it more than you know.

6. Giving your legs a break

Going home for the holidays probably means relaxing with family and friends, sitting on the couch and eating as much as you want. It also means not walking up and down the hilly campus multiple times a day. Think about it. You won’t have to hoof it to catch the South Campus bus. Your grocery run only requires you to hop in the family car. Instead of the 120 mount stairs, the trek from the Thanksgiving table to your bed may be the hardest walk you will face this weekend. If nothing else, your legs will be thanking you this Thanksgiving.

7. Something other than the Ernie Davis Dining Hall

If you have heard it once, you have heard it many times. This late into the semester, nothing sounds worse than dining hall food, especially the unidentifiable mystery meat or scrambled eggs made in bulk. The repetitive, unappetizing meals temporarily come to a close over break. “My mom will just cook for me and it will be better than I could ever make anyway,” said sophomore Jessica Abramson. Not to mention you won’t have to fight for a spot in Ernie for lunch. Real food, here we come. And we are so thankful for you.

8. Escaping the never-ending walk across campus

Look out the window. What do you see? If your answer is clumps of people in overpriced winter coats holding iced coffee, walking over the horizon, you must be in Syracuse. Six million dollars later, The Einhorn Family Walk, more commonly referred to as the promenade, forces you to run into everyone you know, every time you need to go anywhere. Be thankful this holiday season that you won’t be forced to give fake smiles or partake in awkward conversations on the never-ending walkway.

9. Something other than interrupted sleep

A fire alarm in Lawrinson Hall waking you up at 3 a.m. Sounds from dumpsters getting emptied every morning at 6 a.m. on the mount. A party down Comstock preventing you from falling sleep. No matter where you live on campus, you’ll always run into at least one disturbance when you try to go to bed. “I’m excited to get back to campus after break because everyone is in a better mood after having a week to catch up on sleep,” said sophomore Brooke Tanner. Whether you go home or stay on a mostly empty campus, you’ll get to escape from the constant noise that plagues Syracuse during the semester.

10. Reuniting with the pups

Most college students are obsessed with dogs, especially after puppy deprivation they have at school. Dogs don’t make their way to campus every day, but when they do, they will make it on every one of your friends’ Snapchat stories. The university might as well send out an alert to all students. “I am so thankful to go home and see my dogs,” said senior Katie Pataki. “They are the loves of my life and the biggest stress relievers.” You’ll be so happy to spend some uninterrupted time with your pup (or your cats, we don’t judge) that whether you two nap together on the couch or go out to play in the snow, you’ll have tons of photos to bring back and bombard your friends with.

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