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10 Things Only Best Friends Do for Each Other

Do they humor even your dorkiest passions? Are you willing to share your mom’s delicious cookies with only them? Are they the first person you call when you have news to share? You might just have found yourself a best friend.

Love your best friend to death? Here are 10 signs you’re two halves of the same person.

1. You never fail to make time for each other

With a schedule packed with classes, chem labs and soccer practice, it’s a wonder you even have time for meals. It’s hard to make time to see the friends who don’t live in your dorm, especially if you move off campus into an apartment. But you always put in effort for one person—your best friend. Whether it’s grabbing a quick lunch in the dining hall between classes, or meeting up every Sunday night to geek out over the last

Game of Thrones episode, you’ll always make time for them.

2. They’re the first one you call

Did you just land the summer internship of your dreams? Just dumped by your girlfriend? Your best friend will be the first to hear the news. They’ll know just what to say and will probably end up on your doorstep within the hour. Even if you plan on getting #turnt at your favorite campus bar or just need a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and a stack of your favorite rom-coms, you know who to call.

3. You’re comfortable around each other

It’s probably not unusual to find you and your best friend squeezed onto your twin XL mattress, enthralled in the Gilmore Girls revival playing on your tiny laptop screen. You’re more comfortable with your best friend than you are with anyone else. They’re the one you know won’t mind when you kick off your sneakers in their room, or chat on the phone with your mom while giving them a ride to the store.

4. Nothing could ever come between you

Whether you’re caught up in a heated debate about whether lemon-lime Gatorade is yellow or green, or you realized that you’ve been chatting on Tinder with the same guy, you know you’ll work it out in the end. No matter the conflict or awkward situation you find yourselves in, you both respect and care about each other enough to put your friendship first.

5. You tease each other

Best friends love to show affection by teasing each other relentlessly. “My friends like to make up tons of nicknames for me, typically surrounding the letter K. Zesty K, The K-Meister, Kooky K. They even made a short film called “Kooky Karl” where the soundtrack was them saying my name in funny ways,” said Karl Schnieder, a senior at North Carolina State University. If your BFFs are always coming up with new ways to lovingly poke fun at you, you know they truly care.

6. You’ll actually give them your last bite of food

Unless you’re a generous and kind-hearted sole, you would probably never share the last bite of your favorite dining hall ice cream, or give away the last bag from the stash of goldfish you keep under your bed. There might just be one person who touches you enough to not mind sharing. Victoria Simpkins, a sophomore at Elon University said it simply: Best friends share food.”

7. You shoot for the stars together

While most friends may not be willing to humor your wild dreams of stardom, your best friend is the one who you can spend late nights inventing songs for your garage band with. “One thing that my best friend and [I] will always do is come up with the most random and crazy scenarios that we will one day put together in our movie script that we’re more than likely not going to write,” said DeAngelo Grant, a senior at Methodist University. Best friends are the crazy people who we can pursue even our wildest dreams with.

8. They get excited about your passions

While many of your friends may roll their eyes when you bring up Dungeons and Dragons for the fifth time that day, your best friend gets excited about your passions with you. “My best friend and I like to do spontaneous improv exercises together. We’ll do one word stories, where we alternate adding only one word, or make up songs or have conversations as completely different people. Just the other day I pretended to be a tiny 2Pac trapped in a dolphin and he was trying to talk me out,” saidNC State University senior Nathan Gyori

9. You have time-honored traditions

True friendships stand the test of time, and best friends keep in touch throughout the years. “My friend Erica and I always go to UNOs when I’m home from school,” said Marist College senior Kait Franey. “We never went before college, but it has become a tradition and is a great way to catch up after not seeing each other for months at a time.” Maybe you Skype every Wednesday to complain about your weeks. Or you always make sure to like each other’s Instagrams. Keeping up traditions with your best friend is a great way to stay close when you see each other, whether that’s every day or once a year.

10. You can’t imagine life without them

From the awkward moments that filled freshman year to the triumph of graduation, your BFF will be with you through it all. You spend Saturday afternoons tailgating before the football game. On Thursday nights, you grab pizza at 2 a.m. In other words, you’re bonded for life. The best sign that you’re best friends is knowing that they’ll be there for you for years to come. From moving into an NYC apartment together after graduation to flying across the country, your best friend will always be there to pick up the phone when you call.

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