10 John Mayer Lyrics That Directly Apply to a College Student’s Life

John Mayer has a way with words, to say the least.  Whether you feeling down or want to dance, he’s got you covered. “He has various types of songs written at different parts of his life which allow him to attract both older and younger people. He sings about getting older, falling in love and so much else,” said American University senior Emily Derbyshire. John Mayer lyrics always speak to our souls and bring comfort when we’re in need. “[His voice is] so soothing and calming and the songs themselves are really catchy,” said Saint Joseph’s College senior Kirstin Montgomery.

These John Mayer Lyrics Reflect Exactly What Students Go Through.

1. When you Feel Like You’re Blending Into The Crowd

“How will I stop myself from being just a number?” – “Vultures”

This concept crosses the minds of many students all the time. When applying for jobs and realizing you’re competing with all of your capable classmates and all of the other qualified students in the world… you’ll have to find a way to stand apart.  This often proves to be a difficult task. Start with joining a campus organization relevant to your major. Not only are you likely to make friends, but you’ll likely make your resume more impressive to employers.

2. When “Adulting” Is Too Hard

“Everybody is just a stranger, but that’s the danger in going my own way.” – “Why Georgia”

We all know the feeling you get when you choose a school far away from home and don’t know anyone else there. You’re going your own way for what may be the first time in your life. Even students who go to school close to home can feel this way. We’re all in it together, trying to “adult” together for the first time. So when in doubt, reach out to those around you— you’re not alone when it comes to things like figuring out how to pay your rent on time.

3. When You Need A Fresh Start

“Who says I can’t be free from all of the things that I used to be, rewrite my history, who says I can’t be free?” – “Who Says”

For a lot of us, college gives us an opportunity to shape ourselves. In a new place surrounded by all new people, we can cut the ties of our past and leave behind anything we don’t want to take forward. College provides a fresh start and allows us to be whatever we want to be. Re-define yourself, define your goals and remember that you are in control of who you are.

4. When You’re Looking to the Future

“One generation’s length away from fighting life out on my own.” – “Stop This Train”

We all face this universal reality and fear. No one likes to think about graduating college and having to face challenging situations (like finding your first #adult job) without our parents by our side. Our parents have been there through all our hard times thus far, and thinking about going on without them can be pretty rough. If we’re lucky, our parents will experience our firsts with us: First apartment, first car, first home and everything else in between like getting married and having a family of our own. All of these milestones are extremely important in our lives, and we want the people who are important to us to share them with us.

5. When You’re Terrified to Grow Up

“So scared of getting older, I’m only good at being young.” – “Stop This Train”

When we’re freshmen, we don’t really think a lot about being “real” adults yet. But as seniors? Well, getting ready to enter the real world can be a pretty scary feeling. In this song, Mayer speaks to the metaphorical train of life moving way too fast for us to keep up with. Sometimes we just want to get off and turn back. One second we’re a freshman and the next we’re getting ready for senior year. Yikes.

6. When You’re Dreaming Big

“Someday I’ll fly. Someday I’ll soar. Someday I’ll be so damn much more.” – “Bigger Than My Body”

Sometimes you can feel like you’re working hard, but not really moving forward. Keeping an eye on your dreams will keep you going. When you hit that sophomore year slump and question every decision you’ve made along the way, you’ll have to hone in on your end goals. A little inspirational music from John Mayer is a good remedy as well. “He gets me in a good mood. He’s got some really upbeat songs to listen to when you need to feel a bit happier, but also slower songs where I listen to the lyrics more and connect to it,” said George Washington University junior Alissar Abbouchi. Knowing where you want to end up will help you push through those challenging times where you don’t get the internship or don’t get the A you crammed so hard for. If you’re passionate enough, you’ll get there.

7. When You’re Wondering If It’s Worth It

“I wonder sometimes about the outcome of a still, verdict-less life” – “Why Georgia”

For a lot of our time at college, we’re being judged. Judged by our professors on our work, judged by our peers for how we act and judged by ourselves for how our life is shaping up. It can be pretty taxing to be constantly judged, and it could make you wonder what a “verdict-less” life would be like. However, we know of course that degrees don’t come without judgement, and ultimately we want that piece of paper. If we want to graduate and progress on in the real world, we’ll have to face and deal with judgement from teachers and bosses. Hold your head up, even when it feels impossible and you’ll do just fine.

8.When You’re Struggling To Do Your Best

“I am in repair. I’m not together, but I’m getting there.” – “In Repair”

“I’m getting there.” That’s how we respond to many things while in college. How’s that 15-page paper going? Are you ready for your presentation? Having everything figured out all the time in college proves impossible. A huge part of college involves making mistakes and learning from them as you go on. As long as you’re learning, you’re doing just fine. John Mayer gets us, especially with this song. “John Mayer has been my favorite artist for years. He has an incredible talent not only with his guitar skills but he is also so skillful in writing relatable, truthful lyrics. His music is timeless and I can listen to albums over and over again. A special gift,” said AU senior Arielle Weg.

9. When You Realize That We Are The Future

“One day our generation is gonna rule the population.” – “Waiting on the World To Change”

A lot of college students believe at some point that they can change the world. At other times, we feel helpless in a world filled with so much turmoil. “Yes, maybe it’s one of John’s more popular songs, and it may be cliché to say, but we’re all ‘waiting on the world to change.’ Mayer’s songs are relatable for me and they give me hope for the future, especially this song. I look forward for the day when hate, racism, sexism and gender inequality do not rule the world we live in and this song in particular gives me optimism for the future,” said AU senior Christine Mazzochhi

10. When You’re Allowed to Change Your Mind

“Give your heart then change your mind; you’re allowed to do it.” – “Age of Worry”

You wouldn’t be a college student if you didn’t change your mind—we do it ALL the time.  Whether you’re changing your major for the fourth time, changing the way you dress or changing the status of your relationship… you’re allowed to. It’s your life.

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